Current Whereabouts: The Secret Laboratory, cooking up ideas

I’m currently taking time off to develop some new skillsets and to also pursue some personal goals outside of work. I still continue to stay active in the circuits community, and am available for consulting. If you need record-breaking ADCs and/or product-ready ringamp technology, I’m your guy.

contact: benjamin at hershberg dot com

Research Interests

Analog to digital converters, switched capacitor amplification, software-defined radio, tunable RF frontends, frequency synthesis, mixed-signal neuromorphic computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence

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About Me

From 2013 – 2020 I was a Principal Member of Technical Staff at imec in Leuven, Belgium in the wireless research group, conducting research on a range of topics in software defined radio, mmWave, emerging 5G technologies, IoT, and radar. My specialties are ADCs and ring amplifiers. The projects I worked on span the entire receiver chain, from the RF frontend down to the ADC. Prior to joining imec, I did my PhD at Oregon State University, USA under Dr. Un-Ku Moon. My thesis was on scalable amplification solutions for switched capacitor circuits, where I introduced the idea of ring amplification and designed several pipelined ADCs. Outside of work, I’m pretty obsessed with rock climbing.

For the full rundown, head over to my CV page.