Current Position

Principal Engineer at Infinera

Research Interests

Analog & mixed signal IC design, ADCs, scalable switched capacitor amplification, frequency synthesis, neuromorphic computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence


benjamin at hershberg dot com

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About Me

Presently, I am a Principal Engineer at Infinera, helping to build next generation internet infrastructure. From Feb. 2021 – April 2022 I was an independent consultant working in various advisory and collaborative roles with companies and universities, and also invested considerable effort in adding ML and AI expertise to my skillset. From 2013 – 2021 I was a Principal Member of Technical Staff at imec in Leuven, Belgium in the wireless research group, conducting research on a range of topics in software defined radio, mmWave, emerging 5G technologies, IoT, and radar. My specialties are ADCs and ring amplifiers. The projects I’ve worked on span the entire receiver chain, from the RF frontend down to the ADC. Prior to joining imec, I did my PhD at Oregon State University, USA under Dr. Un-Ku Moon. My thesis was on scalable amplification solutions for switched capacitor circuits, where I introduced the idea of ring amplification and designed several pipelined ADCs. Outside of work, I’m pretty obsessed with rock climbing.

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