Ringamp Survey

Ring amplifiers are proving to be a useful tool for scalable switched capacitor signal processing. They continue to expand their application scope, and they regularly break records in power efficiency across the full spectrum of speeds and accuracies.

To better track the implications of this, to make comparison and reporting easy, and to provide a resource for beginners to get started, a ringamp survey and other useful materials are now available on GitHub. This is an open source initiative, both in terms of keeping the data updated, and for adding new features. Contributors encouraged.

This survey also provides a way to bring exposure to everyone who has contributed to this topic, not just the ISSCC and VLSI authors. The debate and exchange of ideas is essential, and we all benefit from it. Not everyone sees ringamps through the same lens as I do, and I love that! Different people have solved different bits and pieces of the challenge, and together, we matured this topic from an simple thought experiment to high volume manufacturing, advancing core technologies that underpin modern society.

On GitHub at: https://github.com/bhershberg/RingampSurvey