Current Position

Advanced Design Group, Intel, Hillsboro USA
with focus on SerDes pathfinding and design/process technology co-development

Research Interests

Analog & mixed signal IC design, ADCs, scalable switched capacitor amplification, frequency synthesis, neuromorphic computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, AGI


benjamin at hershberg dot com

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Ringamp Survey

On GitHub at:

Ring amplifiers are proving to be a useful tool for scalable switched capacitor signal processing. They continue to expand their application scope, and they regularly break records in power efficiency across the full spectrum of speeds and accuracies.

To better track the implications of this, to make comparison and reporting easy, and to provide a resource for beginners to get started, a ringamp survey and other useful materials are now available on GitHub. This is an open source initiative, both in terms of keeping the data updated, and for adding new features. Contributors encouraged.

Promethean Toolkit

On GitHub at:

Testing a chip? This tool is for you! A tool made by IC designers for IC designers. It solves many of the most common problems encountered in design and testing of analog-mixed signal integrated circuits by centralizing the information that fully describes the state of your system. This centralization provides many advantages with regard to synchronization, reproducibility, traceability, and usability. It is all handled through a graphical interface and accompanying API that boosts productivity and increases insight, enabling rapid test automation and multi-user collaboration.

For an overview, start with: Intro To Promethean Toolkit

About Me

Presently, I am in the Advanced Design group at Intel, working in unreleased next-generation Intel process technologies, with specific focus on pathfinding and technology co-optimization for SerDes. Prior to that joining Intel, in 2022 I was a Principal Engineer at Infinera, working on practical solutions for optical transceiver links. In 2021 I did independent consulting work with several companies and universities, and also invested considerable time and effort in building up a solid understanding of ML and AI, particularly from the algorithms and theory side. From 2013 – 2021 I was a Principal Member of Technical Staff at imec in Leuven, Belgium in the wireless research group, conducting research on a range of topics in software defined radio, mmWave, emerging 5G technologies, IoT, and radar. My specialties are ADCs and ring amplifiers. The projects I’ve worked on span the entire receiver chain, from the RF frontend down to the ADC. Prior to joining imec, I did my PhD at Oregon State University, USA under Dr. Un-Ku Moon. My thesis was on scalable amplification solutions for switched capacitor circuits, where I introduced the idea of ring amplification and designed several pipelined ADCs. Outside of work, I’m pretty obsessed with rock climbing.

For the full rundown, head over to my CV page.